Raccoon Squirrels

raccoon squirrel

Beware they are watching...


Raccoon squirrel seconds before stealing snacks from our cart.


Myrtle Beach Reviews and Opinions from the BGA


Only course we would never play again:
Colonial Charters.

Played it in January 1996 and it was in such terrible condition that it should have been closed. Construction, laying water lines, delays, ground under repair, and a less than friendly staff. Sure we only tried it once but there are 100 more courses to try and none of those have ever treated us like this one.

Crawdaddy’s Oyster Bar:
A great local bar to hang out and play video golf and eat, drink, and be merry. If you go there be sure to see our BGA Tee Shirt on the wall! Beer, good fried food, classic rock and live country music, and Golden Tee golf, almost perfect. Has since changed ownership and plays karaoke; we no longer go there.

Eastport Golf Club:
Nicest little course that we never schedule to play. It is so reasonably priced that whenever we can squeeze in an extra round we try to play it. Site of many BGA records, like the Snowman’s 7-putt on #14 and the Commish’s 14 stroke improvement between holes 3 and 4 (16 to a 2). Closed several years ago to make way for condos.

Dick’s Last Resort:
Lot’s to eat and waiters that mock you even more than your golfing buddies. Dick’s serves up one-liners and quick-witted waiters keep you always trying to be one quip ahead. Wear your thickest skin and dress down. You will have to loosen your belt a notch before you leave.

Mad Boar:
Brew pub with great beers brewed on the premises. Try the sampler--especially if you have someone in your group who will trade their Porter for your Raspberry Wheat. Nice restaurant but pricier than Crawdaddy’s. Also closed recently.

Favorite Courses:
Mr. Fifteen--Lion’s Paw
The Snowman--any that will cut 8-inch holes
The Commish--Lion’s Paw, tough with a distinct feel to each 9
Mr. Four Skin--Falcon Course at Wild Wing, ranked highly by everyone. Closed to make way for condos.
C’Mon Thirteen--The Gauntlet, of course.
Mr. I Never Had An Eleven--Hates them all, and everyone who plays this awful game.

Most Interesting Squirrels:
Don’t know why but the courses in the south like Island Green and Deer Track have the neatest looking tree rats. We call them raccoon squirrels because they look like a cross between a raccoon and grey squirrel. They also are very adept at stealing from your golf cart.